January 19, 2011

Paper Pine Trees


A couple of weeks ago I put together a winter tablescape with a forest them. To make the “forest” I made trees out of cardstock and scrapbook paper.




scrapbook paper

adhesive squares or glue dots



1. Use adhesive to stick two sheets of scrapbook paper together, wrong sides together. This should make the paper stiff enough to stand up.

I was out of adhesive squares and and glue dots (ack!) so I used liquid craft glue, which was a pain in the booty, prompting a number of expletives as my trees dripped and wobbled and then curled up as they dried.

2. Each tree requires two of the same print of paper (from here on out let’s just use paper and cardstock interchangeably to avoid confusion). Fold each piece of paper in half length-wise.

3. Starting at the bottom of the open side of the paper, cut tree branches. Mark the height of the tree on the second piece of paper so that both trees will be the same size. Cut the second tree in the same manner as the first.


4. Stack both folded trees on top of each other and mark both pieces in the same spot, about half way up the fold.

Cut along the fold UP to the half way mark on one tree and DOWN to the half way mark on the other tree.


5. Slide the bottom slit over the top slit to form one, tree dimensional tree.



6. Make a whole bunch more.




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