January 17, 2011

Hanging Jewelry Organizer


I have a ton of necklaces. They end up all over the house – in drawers, on the bathroom counter, in my jewelry box. The problem is that my jewelry box is in my bedroom and I get ready in the hall bathroom. So, I needed some place to keep my jewelry in the bathroom that wouldn’t be in the way.




12”x12” shadow box frame (on clearance Target)

spray paint

4 12”x12” cork board sheets

1 12”x12” piece of scrapbook paper

Modge Podge

foam brush

vinyl (I used a recycled shower curtain liner)

adhesive (I used a combo of E6000 and hot glue)

clear glass marbles, the kind that are flat on one side

scrap paper

clear plastic thumbtacks

wall hook



1. Take the frame apart. Spray the outside of the frame with spray paint and let it dry. I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover. I can’t even express how much I love it. It doesn’t drip. The nozzle doesn’t clog. It doesn’t spray all over the place and turn the garage floor red like that store brand that got me banned from spray painting.


2. While the paint is drying, glue all four layers of cork together in a stack.


3. Spread a layer of Modge Podge on the cork with the foam brush. Carefully lay the 12”x12” paper on top and then apply another layer of Modge Podge. Let it dry over night.

Before I resorted to Modge Podge, I tried to glue the paper to the cork with hot glue. Fail. Then I tried with craft glue. Fail. The cork sucks up the glue and then the paper peels off. So, I Modge Podged it. It’s a little shinier than I was going for and has a couple of wrinkles (ugh!) but it isn’t coming off. If I make another one, and I probably will because it’s bugging me, I will use fabric instead.

4. To make the pendant/ring pockets, cut a piece of vinyl that is 13”x6”. I used an old shower curtain liner.


5. Cut a 13” strip of ribbon and sew it along one long edge of the vinyl. It’s helpful to tuck a piece of tissue paper under it so it doesn’t stick to your sewing machine. The paper just peels away when you’re done.


6. Fold the vinyl in half with the ribbon on the outside. Sew across the strip of vinyl to form pockets.



7. Place the vinyl along the bottom of the cork board and fold the short edges over the cork. Glue the edges down.


8. Slide the cork into the painted frame (without the glass). Push the prongs on the back down to secure the cork.

9. For the pegs, glue the glass marbles onto scraps of paper so you can see the print through the glass.



When the glue is dry, cut around the glass. I found this was much easier that cutting the paper and then gluing it on.

10. Glue a thumbtack onto the back of each marble.


11. Glue two pieces of ribbon to the back of the frame, towards the top, one on each side. Tie a bow.

12. Attach the hook to a wall or door and hang up your jewelry organizer.


Whew! All done! Now I don’t have any excuses for not being able to find all my favorite pieces of jewelry.





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