July 10, 2011

Jump Ring Necklace


The theme for this summer seems to be quick and simple projects. There are just too many other fun things to do that don’t involve staying inside. This necklace, made from jump rings, is no exception.


The other day my friend Rachel took a break from unpacking so we could spend a lazy afternoon making jewelry.


I made this jump ring necklace, along with a couple of other pieces. It’s always more fun to craft with friends.

I used a bag of large jump rings (50?), a length of chain long enough to go around my neck, a clasp, small jump rings (20), head pins (20) and assorted glass and stone beads (20).


I strung the jump rings onto the chain, attaching one to a link in the chain every 10 jump rings  so that when I put it on my neck all of the jump rings wouldn’t sink into the middle.

I made an eye loop through each bead by threading it onto a head pin, cutting it off about 1/3” from the bead, bending the head pin at a right angle and then looping the head pin in the opposite direction around round-nosed pliers. I realize that’s a bit unclear and I didn’t take any pictures, so here's a video.


I attached the beads to the large jump rings with small jump rings at random intervals, added a clasp and that’s it.




As I was making this necklace I was thinking that it would be the perfect project for a jewelry making get together. It requires minimal skill and supplies. Plus it’s the kind of project that can easily be finished in a evening even with ample breaks for wine and chatting.

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