January 28, 2011

Conversation Heart Gift Boxes


When I think of Valentine’s Day the first thing that comes to mind are conversation hearts. Every year I always buy a couple of bags. They remind me of grade school Valentine’s parties where I would read meaning into every heart, wondering if the boy I liked really meant to give me the one that said, “Be Mine”.


What better way to say I love you than with a special gift or treat packaged in a conversation heart box?


To make a conversation heart box of your very own you will need heavy cardstock and adhesive. I used my Cricut for the letters but you could easily trace them and cut them out with scissors.

1. Cut a heart shape out of paper in the desired size. Trace it onto a piece of scrap cardstock. Add 1/2” tabs down each long side and two small tabs on each curved side. Cut out your pattern.


2. Using the pattern, cut two hearts out and 4 strips of paper 3” wide and long enough to go around one side of the heart plus an inch. My strips where 3”x12”.


3. Ok, it’s time to start gluing. First fold one strip over 1/2”.


4. Run a bead of glue along one of the long tabs of one of the hearts. Glue the strip onto the heart so that the folded end wraps around the point.


5. Continue wrapping the strip around the heart, gluing it to the tabs. When you get the the middle, fold the end of the strip back 1/2” so it follows the line of the heart.


6. Glue the second strip to the folded section of the first strip and continuing wrapping and gluing.


7. Repeat to make the other half of the box.

8. Glue the letters onto the top of the box and fill with candy, chocolates or a small gift.


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