September 23, 2010

T-Shirt Embellished with Fabric Flowers


I have a ton of these T-shirts.  They come in a rainbow of colors, they’re super soft and they’re cheap.  However, they’re quite plain.  So I’ve started embellishing some of them.  I freezer paper stenciled a dark blue one and I added flowers this one.

I started with two grey T’s.

flowerT1 flowerT3

I cut the long-sleeved one into 2” strips.  Then I ran a basting stitch up the middle of each strip and gently pulled one thread to gather the fabric.  Check out this gathering tutorial for help.


I hand sewed the gathered strips to a scrap of knit in a spiral shape to form rosettes. Then I trimmed the the edges of the fabric scrap around the flower.


I noticed that one side of the gathered strip automatically ruffled up better than the other so play around with it a little before your start sewing.

Once the flowers were constructed, I hand stitched them onto my T-shirt.


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