September 1, 2010

Sparkly Pink Necklace


I’ve seen a few versions of dangly necklaces like this in stores and online.  It took less than 10 minutes to make.  I used beads that I had on hand from a necklace that I took apart a few months ago.  Quick and practically free!


Supplies: Enough chain to go around your neck plus a small length of chain (6-7 links), 5 head pins, jump rings, 5 coordinated beads, clasp, round nose pliers and regular pliers with a cutter.  I also used 5 seed beads because the holes in the main beads were so big that the head pins slid right through them.

1. Slide a seed bead (if needed) and a regular bead onto a head pin. Cut the head pin off 1/2” from the bead.


2. Hold the end of the head pin with the round nosed pliers.  Hold onto the bead with the other set of pliers, being careful not to scratch or break it.  Rotate the round nosed pliers, wrapping the wire around one side of them to form a loop. Keep rotating until the loop meets the bead.


Repeat with all 5 beads.


3. Open a jump ring and thread it through the last link on the small chain.  Add the largest bead and close the jump ring.


Open another jump ring, thread it through the next link in the chain, add a bead and close the jump ring. Repeat for the rest of the beads.



4. Cut off any links that do not have a bead on them. Open a jump ring and place it through the link with the last bead on it.  Find the middle of the long length of chain and add it to the jump ring with the last bead. Close it.


5. Add the clasp and you’re done!

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