September 10, 2010

Fall Fabric Sale and Columbia Freebies


Okay, so it’s not really “fall” fabric but it was on sale and it is officially fall here in Portland.  I spotted these lovely prints at Craft Warehouse and, at less than 3 bucks a yard, I couldn’t resist. 


These two most likely will end up as skirts next spring.


This is going to be a baby present including burp cloths, pacifier clips and a receiving blanket.


Oh how I love these guitars.  I actually purchased the brighter lime green, grey and turquoise version a few months ago and made it into burp cloths for a friend of mine.  However, all evidence of those, and the matching onesies, was destroyed in the techpocalypse.  So, maybe these new guitars will make a little one happy or maybe they will find a new use.


A few days ago my boyfriend came home from work with a stack of fabric samples from Columbia Sportswear.  He got it for free at work.  Apparently they have piles of it up for grabs all of the time.  What?!  How is it that I’m just now hearing about this?


It’s mostly woven cotton with some tech (the ultra breathable stuff) fabric and knit thrown in.  Each piece is about 1/4 yard.

Then there is this piece of breathable, waterproof fabric used for making jackets.


So what should I do with all of these? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

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