July 8, 2010

Ceramic Bead Bauble Necklace


This was supposed to be a post about making cute baby presents.  You know - burp clothes, pacifier clips, onesies.  However, when I went to upload the pictures, my card reader erased everything, including pictures from two other projects.  So I calmed my seething for all technology by making this funky little necklace.  It kind of looks like bubbles or water or something, which is relaxing, right?
If you want to make a necklace like this one, you will need:
1 yard of 1” satin ribbon
2 yards of 1/8” ribbon
12-15 large beads with BIG holes
a few smaller beads if you like (I put a bunch of them in and then ended up tearing the necklace apart and taking them out)
1 needle with a large enough eye to fit the narrow ribbon through but that is small enough to fit through the hole in your beads
a lighter
Cut each piece of ribbon in half.  Start with one length of narrow ribbon.  Thread it through the needle and then through one bead.  Tie the ribbon in a double knot around the bead.
Repeat with more beads until your necklace is a little over half of the desired length.  Thread the second piece of narrow ribbon through a bead and tie it around the end of the necklace, close to the original bead you started with. 
Now, start threading beads onto the second piece of ribbon.  When you are done, it should look something like this:
Use the lighter to heat (not burn) the ends of the wide pieces of ribbon.  Hold one end of a piece of wide ribbon against one of the knots at the end of the beads.  Carefully twist the wide ribbon around the narrow ribbon and tie a knot as close to the end bead as possible.
Repeat with the other side. Cut off the ends of the narrow ribbon.  Heat the ends with the lighter so they don’t fray.   And that’s it.  Tie it on. 

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