February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Score Pool and Food Labels



So I might have complained just a little too much about the team colors in this year’s Super Bowl. But really? Green, gold and black? What am I supposed to do with that? Well, this is what I came up with.


I bought football textured paper, cut out football shapes and stuck them onto canvas textured green cardstock. Then I used a white paint pen to draw the details and write the name of each dish for our snack bar.


Why are there flames coming out of one of the cards you might ask? Since extra hot wings and pulled pork were requested I needed a way to warn the little ones that can’t read yet (or might not take the time to read it) to watch out.


My next project was a score pool.


Although it may look like a wanky colored checker board right now, tomorrow our party goers will purchase squares for a quarter. They will receive a little football to write their initials on and place it on a square of their choosing. Then we will draw numbers (0-9) and assign each block along the border a number.


After each quarter, whoever bought the square with the second digits of the score gets 1/4 of the buy in. For example, if the score is Steelers 21 and Packers 42, the person whose square lines up with 1 on the Steelers side and 2 on the Packers side, wins.

Ok, here’s how to make one. First cut 10 1”x10” yellow strips of cardstock and 5 each of green and black.


Start with a yellow strip and a green strip (Not black and green like in the picture. That was before I ripped it apart for the 5th time). Glue their corners together at a right angle. Weave the other strips like you would make lattice for a pie.



Sorry for the crappy picture. The sun disappeared mid-project.

Trim the edges and glue it onto a 12”x12” piece of cardstock. Cut out the team names and glue them onto the side with their colors.



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