February 4, 2011

Love Collage


In my craft room I have a bunch of bookshelves (that are about 10 trips to Powell’s City of Books too full). In the summer the plants from my classroom sit on top of them but all winter they’ve been bare. I bought a bunch of frames last time I was at Ikea to make a rotating gallery of sorts. For the first “installment” I made a collage out of National Geographic magazines. Note: Do not yank pages out of the classroom magazines in front of 35 6th graders as they will loudly chide you for doing what you have repeatedly told them not to do.



I tore out a stack of pages that fit in with the color scheme that I was going for. Ok, I really just tore out the pages with the prettiest pictures.


Then I tore some pages with just text into strips for the background. I used my Cricut to cut out the deer, tree and letters and then I free handed the hearts, clouds, leaves, etc.



I laid everything out and then glued it on.




I popped it into the frame and that’s it. Easy.


The picture on the left is just scrapbook paper. The print in the middle is from the in flight magazine from Vueling. I snagged it on the flight from Barcelona to Granada. It is full of beautiful photographs and illustrations. Aren’t these guys cute?


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