February 21, 2011

Simple Fleece Blanket


My friend Erin got a sewing machine for Christmas and requested a few easy sewing projects to get started with. Well, Erin you’re in luck because easy sewing projects are about the only kind I do. I don’t love sewing the way I love other projects (because I HATE using a pattern) but I don’t mind ones like this fleece blanket. It’s quick and practical and oh so cozy.


2 pieces of fleece, 1.5 – 2 yards each, depending on how big you want your blanket to be

sewing machine, thread, etc.


Decide how big you want your blanket to be and cut both pieces of fleece to the desired size.


Ignore the ironing board and the cat food bag.

Pin the two pieces of fleece together. Sew around the outside, leaving a large opening on one side to turn the blanket.  Make sure to backstitch (sew back and forth) a few times on either side of the opening so the seams don’t tear when you force the blanket through the hole.


Pull out the pins. Make sure you get them all because nothing says cozy like getting stabbed with a stray pin.

Turn the blanket right side out by pushing (and pulling) the blanket through the opening.



Mika is obsessed with fleece. She almost got stitched into this blanket. Seriously.

Once the blanket is turned, tuck the edges of the opening in so they are even with the rest of the blanket and pin.


Sew the opening closed by hand or with your machine. If you are using your machine, sew as close to the edge as possible.


You should have something that looks like this:


Almost done! Top stich the whole blanket with a 1 1/2” seam allowance.  On my machine this means lining up the edge of the material with the edge of the metal plate on top of the bobbin compartment. If your machine doesn’t have a clear mark for 1 1/2”, just estimate.


When you get to the corners, leave the needle all the way down and lift the presser foot. Turn the fabric 90 degrees, put the presser foot down and keep sewing.


Trim any threads and you’re done!


If you are looking for really good tutorials for sewing basics check out Disney’s over at Ruffles and Stuff.

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