October 5, 2010

Sea Glass Necklace


I spent last weekend visiting my mom at the coast.  The weather was perfect, it was great to spend time with my family and I even got to squeeze in a little crafting.

beach glass 8

I wish I could say I found this sea glass on the beach but I didn’t. 

beach glass

I “borrowed” it from a dish on the coffee table.  Sorry mom.  It’s just a few pieces, right?

Anyway, along with my stolen sea glass, I used 28 gauge wire, some chain left over from this necklace, and a few jump rings.

beach glass 2

To make the necklace:

1. Cut a piece of wire approximately 12” long.  Wrap it around a piece of glass so that one end is about 1” and the other is about 10”.

beach glass 3

2. Using needle nose pliers, twist the ends together.

beach glass 13

3. Using round nose pliers, make a loop in the short end of the wire.  Wrap the long end of the wire around the loop a few times to secure it and trim the short end.

beach glass 11

beach glass 12

4. Wrap the remaining wire around the glass tightly, in different directions.

5. Tuck the end of the wire back through the last wrap and twist to form a second loop.  Twist the loop a few times and then wrap the remaining wire around it to secure it.  Trim the end.

beach glass 5

beach glass 6

6.  Once all of the glass is wrapped.  Connect the pieces with jump rings.

beachglass 7

beach glass 7

7. Add a 4”-6” piece of chain to each side of the necklace.  Add a clasp to one end.

beach glass 14

That’s it! Wear your sea glass necklace and enjoy a little bit of the beach even when you’re not there.

beach glass 10

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