March 15, 2011

Tie Onesie


I’m back! I’ve been having serious computer issues that may or may not have been caused by the glass of water I spilled on the keyboard. The lovely folks at Lenovo fixed it for me though, no questions asked.


I’ve been making a lot of baby stuff in the meantime (not for me!). I made a tie onesie for my friend Laura’s little man. He’s a stylish kid like his mama so I thought a “formal” onesie would be appropriate.


I added a matching flannel baby blanket and made another owl softie from scraps from Craft Hope projects.


There are many, many tutorials for necktie and bow tie onesies. I found these particularly helpful:

Craft Snob

Crap I've Made

This project was not as easy as I expected especially given all of the, “Wow! This was so easy!” comments on the aforementioned blogs. I made a couple of the regular necktie versions and a bow tie one as well. This is what I found:

- The bigger the onesie, the easier it is to sew on. The 0-3 month size was almost impossible to sew without getting the backside of the onesie tangled into the line of stitches.

- Interfacing that can be fused on both sides would have been helpful, but not totally necessary.

- I ended up bonding the tie to a piece of interfacing and then fusing an additional piece of interfacing to the inside of the onesie. This kept everything from stretching and shifting and kept the tie from unraveling.

- After trying both a narrow zig zag stitch and short straight stitch, I liked the straight stitch better and it was easy to sew around all of the corners.

If you know a dapper little guy, check out some of the tutorials and make him a tie onesie. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to help. 

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