August 4, 2010

Cheap and Easy Art: Lichen and Fern Photos


I have a little point and shoot camera that is on its last leg but it has a really good macro setting.  It takes up close shots much better than my bigger, more expensive camera and so it often finds itself riding in a pocket when I’m venturing outside. 

Last spring I took some shots while I was running in a wooded area behind our house.  Yes, that was me with the camera shoved into my sports bra (TMI?).  I had the pictures printed at Costco, which is ridiculously cheap and easy.  If you have a Costco card and you’re not using their online photo service, you should be.  I bought some IKEA frames that come with plain, white mats and voila, instant art.

macroprints1 macroprints2


The top two photos of are of young, curled up fern fronds otherwise known as fiddle heads.  The bottom pictures are of lichen, a moss-like mix of fungus and a photosynthesizer like algae.  It comes in a myriad of colors from neon green to light blues.

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